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Welcome to Legend Soccer Co! Through your dedication to the game and passion to climb to the top, we’ve identified you as an excellent candidate to be a LEGEND PRO!  Our young brand is looking for athletes that want to help us grow and have the support of a soccer company behind them.  We take pride in our LEGEND PRO athletes and look as it as a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.  


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Legend Soccer Co was built by high-level soccer players and we remain dedicated to providing products, which help innovate and progress the game. We want to focus on the sport we love and the sport we know the best. Legend is a company is dedicated to soccer/football players and providing quality products to progress the game. 

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While we’ve seen major soccer brands outsource their products overseas and the quality go down, we pride ourselves on producing products, which can last a life-time.  Utilizing high-grade materials and manufacturing practices, we plan to deliver top notch products that soccer players can take pride in.  

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At Legend Soccer Co., we have tremendous focus on operating our business in a socially responsible way.  It’s essential that we produce products that have less impact on the environment and supports responsible business practices.  With our Legend 1 shin guards, it was crucial that we built them out of an eco-friendly material and that they were made in the USA.  We want to represent the next generation of soccer players, who will demand more out of their companies.  


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First off, you’ve got to be a pro.  We want the top athletes in the industry to represent our products/brand.  We recognize your hard work and dedication to the game and want to support your professional career.  

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We not only want quality players, but we want quality people. If you represent Legend, you represent an innovative and socially responsible company, who's goal is to position the brand as the top of the industry.

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Being a LEGEND PRO means more than just free equipment.  We hope to form a long-lasting relationship with our athletes, which is mutually beneficial. We want to support your growth as a player and provide resources to reach your full potential.  

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Legend Soccer Co. aims to represent the next generation of players. Progressive players, who push the limits and support the evolution of the game. These players will be the foundation of our company and help evolve the sport on the field and the business that surrounds it. 



As a LEGEND PRO, you’ll be provided with all of current and future products.  We’ll keep you outfitted in our latest gear and provide exclusive products specifically for our LEGEND PROs.  We take pride in our athletes and want to supply them, with not only our products, but our support in the industry. The section below outlines the details of our business relationship and clearly identifies the expectations from both Legend Soccer Co. and OUR LEGEND PRO athletes.



  • 2 pairs of shinguards per year, with custom logo.  Any design that's requested by athlete.

  • Apparel package (hat, shirt, hoodie, sweats)

  • Any new product released, during contract, athlete will get for free.

  • Free shinguard replacement sleeves upon athlete request.

  • Personalized 15% discount code that can be given out whenever.

  • Support of Legend Soccer Co. and access to our industry contacts and connections.  We help our athletes continue to expand their career within the soccer industry.  

*We look to expand these offerings as our company grows. 



  • 2 social media posts per month (minimum) shared across all of athletes platforms.

  • Athlete gives permission to Legend Soccer to use personal media (individual photos, videos, etc) to use on all Legend media platforms.

  • Are only allowed to wear Legend 1 shinguards and sleeves. Not allowed to wear any other companies shinguard related products.

  • Represent the Legend Soccer brand in a positive way.

  • Participation in one Legend Pro Shoot. Film crew will come to your location to take photos/videos for promotional reasons.

  • Athlete is encouraged to wear Legend branded apparel, as much as possible, when applicable. 

  • At the conclusion of each match, player is encouraged to take out their shin guards and thank the fans using the shin guards to clap together.




Legend Pro Form

If you’d like to sign-on as a LEGEND PRO, please fill out the form below.  Read through the Legend Pro Agreement carefully and digitally sign and date at the bottom.   

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