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Coming from our own experiences with the game, the PATH TO PRO podcast is for YOU. Our goal is to help players similar to ourselves. Those players who are aspiring to be professional soccer players and finding a path to get there. Through our personal experiences and interviews from current and x-professionals around the country, we want to give you the framework to carve your own path to the professional game. With so many opportunities, with a variety of leagues around in the US and abroad, we’re certain that if you have the drive and talent to get their we can help guide you to make your dream a reality…all you have to do is listen.

Interview: Roland Benedict

LEGEND co-founder, Roland Benedict, takes you through his journey from coming from a small town in Montana to playing professionally all around Europe. With so many lessons learned, he tries to provide aspiring players guidance while navigating their own career.

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US Soccer Pyramid

Thomas Clark and Roland Benedict dive into the current US Soccer Pyramid and evaluate the new change that was implemented by the United Soccer League. The goal of this episode was to give young players an idea of what they can expect as they start to cultivate their careers and the possible paths they can take to get there.

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Interview: O’Brien Byrd

2016 National High School Coach of the Year, O’Brien Byrd, tells his story about his professional career and uses his experience as a high school coach to guide the listener on the shear drive and determination it takes to play at the next level. From humble beginnings, his perspective can help young players understand what it takes to become a pro and it’s possible no matter where you come from or what opportunities were handed to you.

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Interview: Zac Lubin

Current Phoenix Rising goalkeeper, Zac Lubin, gives insights on his path to a professional career and how he navigated around the world to keep playing pro soccer. This 1 hr episode gives an aspiring young player a peak into the industry and what it takes to keep playing at the highest level.

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Interview: Will Daniels

With a story that goes from Connecticut to Iceland, on Episode 5, Roland and Thomas interview Will Daniels and get his perspective on how to make it to the professional level. With his story, it’s clear that a player must adapt to any opportunity that’s presented and put in the work to achieve your dreams.

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