Why a bamboo shin guard?

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I thought it was fitting to have our first blog post land on the day dedicated to our planet. It seems somewhat backwards to have only ONE day committed to the earth, but that’s maybe a topic for later. 

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Our newly founded company recently released a bamboo shin guard for the soccer industry. An eco-friendly option within a product category usually dominated by plastic.  With the release of this product, a portion of our promotional strategies are targeted towards soccer tournaments in the states. We’ve discovered that once you get our shin guards into someone’s hands, something happens. It’s hard to explain, but they feel the grains of the bamboo and the smell of the freshly burnt Legend logo, and it seems that they make a connection. Even if they’re not in the market for a new pair of guards, they find themselves holding them for a while. In an industry dominated by brightly colored, synthetic, and outsourced products, we find that our customers make a deep rooted connection to something natural. Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize it’s only a shin guard.  We’re not collecting mass amounts of garbage from the oceans, building electric cars, or engineering a new solar panel, but the response we see is pretty incredible.  It seems like no matter how hard the human race tries to remove ourselves from nature, we’re constantly getting reminded to re-connect.  We’ve seen our guards act as that reminder.

At these tournaments, we get all sorts of questions about our product. There’s a lot of great inquires, but we frequently get asked Why? Why a bamboo shin guard? We have many different educated answers to this question, considering bamboo is basically the perfect natural based material for a shin guard, but a few times, I’ve simply said, “have you guys seen pictures of that giant garbage island in the ocean?”.  I get all sorts of responses, but a majority of the time, they understand. Without telling them any of the other incredible benefits of bamboo, they have an understanding of why it’s important to find a replacement for plastic.  

For those of you that don’t know, there’s a “plastic island” floating in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas or 1.6 million square kilometers. I don’t think a majority of the population can comprehend this (including me), but I personally see it as a modern day tragedy. It’s said that 80% of that debris is made up of plastic. I could go into more detail on the Great Pacific Garbage Ocean Patch, but if you want to read more, CLICK HERE


Specifically for the shin guard, we’ve roughly estimated that for the past 30 years, major brands have produced over 200 million pounds of plastic shin guards throughout the world. Compared to other industries, this is a very small percentage, but this represents 200 million pounds of plastic that will take 500-1,000 years to bio degrade. Additionally, most of us know petroleum is finite…once it’s gone, it’s gone. We scavenge the earth for more of it each year, to “fuel” our planet, but the inevitable fact remains...it will end.  

So….why a bamboo shin guard? We think it represents a change. A change in how we not only think about the shin guard, but how we think about producing our products. No matter the environmental significance of a bamboo shin guard, we find that it can represent a lot more.  We think it’s just another example of how humanity and soccer can move closer towards a sustainable future.  

Get outside and enjoy Earth Day 2018!


Sean Person


Legend Soccer Co. 


Out my front door.  Whitefish, MT