Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 2.55.49 PM.png
The Legend 1 shin guard is top notch. Best thing about them are the size and weight. I think it’s because of the material. It’s perfect!
— Ilie Sanchez: Professional: Sporting Kansas City

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Probably the last shin guard you’ll ever have to where!
— Joe Funicello: Soccer Viza

Quality of product is great! My son loves them!
— Laura Flugg: Parent

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.18.09 AM.png

My kids love the shin guards! They like how light they are. They don’t even smell after continued use!
— Kerri Shultz: Parent

The shin guards are awesome!!!!! I have used them a few time playing soccer (and actually once for vintage baseball) and used the sleeves that came with them. They are so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them!!!! Usually I’m almost overly aware of the Nike Mercurial Lite and the Under Armor Flex Pro shin guards I was using, I think it’s a combination of the texture on the back of them and the sleeves. I was always correcting them because they’d slip when running, or they’d move when I took a hit to the legs. I gave them both away after playing in these. The pad on the back of the bamboo guards, their size, and the material of the sleeves you guys have keep these things locked in place. I actually reached down to make sure they were there still a few times my first wear, because it honestly felt like nothing was on me. I’ve taken some hits on them and I laughed because it’s ridiculous how good they are! That’s honestly why I threw them on for my vintage baseball league too, because I play third and we don’t use gloves, so I feel a little more protected and brave with them. Sorry for the long winded email, but these shin guards are something special for real!! I’m honestly wanting another pair despite me thinking I’ll ever wear this pair out!!! Thanks again for making such an epic set of guards!!!!!
— Richie Garcia: Player

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 9.52.47 AM.png

I’ve been using the hell out of the shin pads and they kick ass! I just love putting them on. I love the sleeve deal and am glad to be rid of the stupid electrical tape method of keeping pads in place. They’re light weight and I honestly forget they’re even there. I have yet to have any stinky odors from the pads or the sleeve, which is great! I honestly think the price is well worth it. The bag it comes in is great too just to keep things organized. They are just an all around well thought out soccer product that are made by some passionate people who kick ass at soccer and life!
— Dever Graham: Player

I bought these for my 14 year-old son. He says the shape and weight make them the most comfortable guards he’s ever put on. Since receiving his legend guards, he refuses to wear anything else.
— Christopher Brown: Parent

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.26.05 PM.png
I feel like a bad ass when I put them on!
— Zac Lubin: Professional - Phoenix Rising

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.04.18 PM.png
The Legend 1 is a shin guard that a player will actually want to wear.
— Damion Blackburn: Former MLS Player - Ohio Elite Director

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.03.50 PM.png
They’re light, thin, and small, which is exactly what I want in a shin pad
— Charlie Crosby - Professional: Cardiff - Wales Premier League

These were a gift to my son at the end of his rec season. Let me tell you the tears of joy that streamed down his face could of filled even the grinches heart. He was so excited to upgrade from his old pair. He immediately took his old ones off threw them across the room and put the Legends on. He went to his game and killed it. He has since joined a tounament team and wears them 3 days a week. I have never seen him keep such good care of an item before. Cleans them after every use, puts them away in the original box, and separates them from all of his other soccer items to keep them safe. They have become his prize possesion. He claims he feels less constricted in his movements and are so much lighter then his previous shin guards. He is 9 y/o they fit him perfectly. His teammates make several comments and I have mentioned to the parents where to get them. We have never seen anything like it before and he wears them proudly on the pitch. Thank you for a great product. As soon as his younger brother grows to the right size we will be ordering another custom pair. 
— Andrew Hardesty

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.31.53 PM.png
Hello, here is a short review about the Legend I shin pad I have been testing out over the last 6 games.

I have been wearing the legend shin pads now for close to a month and have only done that because of course I enjoyed wearing them. Firstly, the actual aesthetic of the shin pad is very pleasing on the eye, this is of course by no means the most important thing about a shin pad but footballers will be footballers at the end of the day and so is an added bonus and a definite selling point. In my first game testing out the pads I thought they were made slightly too thin for my shin and that they were digging into me a little, however I have now concluded that it was just me getting used to actually wearing shin pads again as this was the first and only time I felt any sort of discomfort over the period. The pad is a really good size- enough to protect the shin but not so large that it feels clumsy and clunky underneath your sock. This I think is also helped by the tight, lightweight cover provided with the pads. The cover gave the pads little room for manoeuvrability allowing you to focus solely on the game rather than fixing your pads up every time there was a break in play. So in terms of comfort and aesthetic, these pads are as good as I have used.

Now onto the most important component of the shin pad- how well they actually protect you. Ultimately this is the sole purpose of wearing shin pads and if the pads don’t actually protect you comfort and aesthetic become useless. The Legend shin pads are solid. Despite the really lightweight feel these pads due to the unique material being used are solid. Unlike a predominantly plastic based pad whereby a hard enough kick will probably still cut your leg, these pads are like a bamboo armour. The only worry I ever had was for my opponent if he kicked me with the wrong part of his body! Knowing this of course allows you to feel completely confident going into tackles thereby only helps to have a positive impact on your performance.

I think these are the main components of any shin guards however I would like to add on a personal level I think it is great finding alternatives to plastic. I can only speak on behalf of myself but I for one would like to make any little difference I can to help our environment and so I would like to thank all of you at the company and I hope that many more players get to try them out and see how not only can these pads help their own game but can also have a positive impact on the environment!

Now, I don’t think I would be being me without finding some sort of criticism, albeit hopefully constructive. I really am struggling to find many but if I was being pernickety, I quite like to wear my football socks quite low, however due to the size of the pad cover this didn’t really allow me to do so. This is a minor detail on the scale of things but I know each footballer has their own style so perhaps that is something to think about. The pads fitted me very well but of course with them being such a firm material, this does not give much leeway to someone much larger or smaller than myself. I don’t know if the pads are just one generic ‘one size fits all’ , but of course footballers will range in all shapes and sizes and usually a one size fits all will not in reality fit all at all.

So to conclude, I think the pads are great, I had not worn shin pads for nearly a year because I didn’t like them and these have helped regain faith that pads can be comfortable, lightweight and protective all at the same time. That along with the environmental benefits means I really give the Legends top marks.

Kind regards
— Theo Archibald: Professional - Forest Green Rovers

I’m an 20 year old Goalkeeper from small town White Haven, PA. For being on the short side of Soccer (5ft 8in) I have accomplished a lot and continue to prove people wrong with my height. A bit about myself is that I have been involved with the Philadelphia Union Juniors/Academy, NRYB First Team GK Clinics, as well as the US Soccer Training Center Data Base (USA National Team). I was suppose to go to a D1 for college soccer and criminal Justice, but had to take a step back because of having my grandmother fall ill. She was diagnosed with a brain Tumor that eventually took her life last summer (2018). So of course I wanted to spend as much time with her and my family as possible (mainly to look over my two younger sisters). So I wanted to find something that will always keeper with with me when I play and I thought nothing other than a pair of Custom Legend Shinguards in her honor. Even though I won mine off a contest and was not able to get them custom I still have that feeling that she watches each and everyone of my games. So I currently now play in the USL 2 as my teams starting Goalkeeper (Lehigh Valley United) and strive to further my game to the next level with these shinguards. They are one of the most comfortable guards I have every worn and went through them regularly because of not finding any that were comfortable enough for me. Legend shinguards have a new customer for life. Being the founder of UnitedGoalkeepingUSA.com I know how important it is to have a quality product and this is definitely a quality shinguard!
— Mike Kennelly: Professional - @unitedgoalkeepingusa