I just wanted you to know that my son has been absolutely THRILLED with his new shin guards!  Definitely on his list of favorite birthday gifts!

Nic is a keeper, and when he dove for a ball this week, he was kicked in the head.  So my next question is:  when will you guys start making bamboo cranium guards?!  😝 😂 

Thanks again for letting me pick them up in Whitefish!  And thanks for making my boy so happy!

Tamara L. B. Harvey

I bought these for my 14 year-old son.  He says the shape and weight make them the most comfortable guards he’s ever put on.  Since receiving his Legend guards, he refuses to wear anything else. Christopher Brown

Bought the shin guards for one of three grandkids who are all serious soccer players. The oldest made first team All-District as a sophomore. More important than that is his status in Club soccer. A number of major university (e.g., Wake Forest) coaches are already trying to hustle him. I don’t approve of that at his age, but it is an indication of his status. To the point, I am sending him the shin guards for his upcoming birthday. Will send you a report later.

My kids love the shin guards!  I bought some as graduation gifts as well.  They like how light they are.  Kerri Schultz

My oldest just loves the bamboo shinnies.  Light strong and feels like they are not even on.  He has taken a few kicks without feeling anything.

Bio: my oldest plays in the Australian National Premier League and was a member of the under 14 Australian Futsal team who went to Brazil in 2017.

The guards get a work out 7 times per week.  5 training and 2 games.

They do not smell and recover well from games.

Great product and great idea

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