Have questions?

We appreciate you stopping by our store. We're happy to help in anyway we can. Below are some of the questions we get asked a lot. 


How long does a custom pair take to ship?
We're able to ship within 2-3 days of approval of your proof.  We ship 2 day shipping standard. More expedited shipping options available. 
The Legend Customizer doesn't take the background away from the image uploaded?
Don't worry! Just upload the image or graphic into the customizer, we'll receive it, come up with a proof, and send it to you for approval. They won't go into production, till you approve it. We'll be contacting you by email.
How much is a customized pair? 
Where do I get more product info?
Our home page has a bunch...click HERE.
Are there mulitple sizes?
We currently have one size 13 and older. Some 11 & 12 year olds love them, but depends on their size. Youth sizes coming soon!
I just want to add name and number. Can I do that?
Yes! Click HERE to access our standard product and click on the PERSONALIZE button near the bottom. 
I'm interested in buying for a team or club? What should I do?
That's great! Just click HERE for all the team and club custom info. 
What is the process of customization?
Step 1: Click HERE.
Step 2: Click the CUSTOMIZE button
Step 3: Upload your photo or graphic and place it within the custom field. 
Step 4: Enter text option (if wanted) in both line 1 and 2
Step 5: Complete your purchase
Step 6: We'll send you a design mock-up for you to approve. 
Step 7: Once approved, we'll send to production and ship within 2-3 days. 
How do I order mulitple pairs?
You'll need to design each one individually and go back to "continue shopping" if you would like to purchase an additional pair.
How do I get free shipping?
Just subscribe to the Legend community below and you get instant FREE 2 day shipping!


How quickly can I get a custom order ?
Depending on quanitity, we can complete your custom production in 5-10 days. If you need them quicker, we're happy to make it a priority!
Are there different sizes of shinguards?
At the moment, we have one size, design for ages 13 and up! 
How long will my proof take to produce?
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What if I just one 1 to 5 pairs of custom shinguards?
Yes! You can order in lower quanities. CLICK HERE
Are there discounts for higher quanities? 
Yes! The hgiher you go in quanity, the bigger the discounts. 
Can we resell them throughout our club?
Yes! We have retail discounts for larger club orders. Fill out the form above to get started!
Why Bamboo?
We discovered that bamboo was the ideal material for 
Why customized shinguards?
We discovered that bamboo was the ideal material for 

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