Legend Partners with Pro Player Development Center SoccerViza

Meet SoccerViza

 Originally founded in the United States, SoccerViza is a professional soccer player development center. It is currently located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. It’s a full-time residency program for those aiming to play soccer professionally.

Once a player is admitted into the program, that player essentially becomes a professional. Activities include the following:

  • Daily training sessions with professional-level coaches.
  • Weekly games against professional Costa Rican opposition. (All matches are recorded.)
  • Monthly visits from various international clubs and high-level scouts.

Players who join the program receive room, board, and all meals.

3 Things That Set SoccerViza Apart

  1. Lofty Goals with a Realistic Approach

Many players who are passionate about the sport of soccer dream of playing at the professional level. They daydream about multimillion-dollar contracts; thousands of adoring fans chanting their names; and hard-earned spots on Liverpool, Real Madrid, PSG, and other world-renowned clubs.

In their earlier playing days, the founders of Legend Soccer were among those daydreaming players.

 SoccerViza provides a more practical approach. Rather than only setting sights on the world’s largest clubs, SoccerViza also helps get players placed in professional clubs that are smaller market, lower league, or less competitive.

 The soccer world is filled with chances to play at the professional level, and SoccerViza acts as a bridge between the player and those clubs.

 Not every player is going to sign directly to the Chelsea squad. SoccerViza helps all players of professional caliber find the right professional fit.

  1. Practical Skills Every Professional Soccer Player Needs

Playing soccer professionally is about a lot more than technical soccer ability.


It’s also about your…

  • Work ethic.
  • Effort on and off the pitch.
  • Personal brand and ability to sell, communicate, and demonstrate your value.

Part of the SoccerViza journey is learning those tools you need, as well as the industry knowledge around professional soccer. If you have the technical ability to make it as a professional footballer, SoccerViza can help you learn, hone, and utilize the other skills that will help you succeed at that professional level.


  1. A Development Program and a Soccer Team

As part of the club’s evolution, it is now officially its own professional team as well. While the club’s overarching goal remains helping players realize their dreams of professional careers across the globe, the team’s goal is to play at the highest level available in Latin America.


What Does the SoccerViza and Legend Soccer Partnership Entail?

As part of the partnership, Legend Soccer will equip every SoccerViza FC player with a pair of custom L1 bamboo shin guards.

In addition to being SVFC’s official shin guard partner, Legend Soccer will also sponsor the club’s Man of the Match award. After each winning game, Legend will award this prize to the club’s selected player of that match.

This kind of partnership is not the first for Legend Soccer. The purveyors of bamboo shin guards have also teamed up with Hibernian FC, which is considered the greenest club in the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).

How SVFC and Legend Soccer Align

Legend Soccer is proud of this partnership with SVFC because there is so much alignment in values and core mission.

“For us, it was clear our values and vision aligned with SV, and it’s our pleasure to support their ambitions,” said Sean Person, cofounder of Legend Soccer. “We hope for a long and authentic partnership with SV, with a goal of supporting the next generation to fulfill their dream.”

Cecilia Lihv, the president of SVFC, echoed these sentiments.

 “Our goal is to build a professional club in Talamanca, Limón, which is the Caribbean part of Costa Rica. We are surrounded by palm trees, the jungle, water, and, of course, bamboo. The association not only made sense from a marketing point of view, but it also made sense from an environmental point of view.”

 Learn More about Legend Soccer and Its Products

 Interested in learning more about bamboo shin guards and other sustainable soccer gear from Legend Soccer? Check out this resource on the advantages of made-in-the-USA shin guards.

 Have any other questions? Feel free to email us at info@legendsoccer.com. We’re always happy to help!

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